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HOÀI Virtual Exhibition

brand identity
\ web design
\ packaging design
\ illustration

Adobe Illustrator
\ Adobe Photoshop
\ Figma

senior capstone


Vietnam is a country with more than 20,000 years of history and traditions, but not every tradition survived to this day. Each time a new dynasty started, people had to change the way they dressed. After a long time, history got lost and most of those past garments became foreign even to the Vietnamese themselves. With the hope of bringing back the history that has been lost, this virtual exhibition is created to encourage interest in Vietnam’s rich culture and support the ancient costume revival movement that has emerged recently in Vietnam.


Hoai Exhibition’s brand identity is a merge of the old and new cultures in a fashion setting. To highlight both the traditional and modern aspects of this subject, texture-heavy elements like fabric pieces and burnt film photos are used side by side with the clean-looking sans serif font and vector icons. The project’s deliverables include a logo, promotional posters, social media, an 11-page virtual exhibition web prototype, and a package of red envelopes as part of the exhibition’s merchandise.