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This is Drexel University’s Graphic Design Senior Showcase 2022 exhibiting the best works of graduating seniors. Our team, the Branding & Design committee, has a mission of making a consistent branding system that represents the Class of 2022 in the last 4 years.

The goal was to highlight the nonlinear process of design in which we overcome and adapt with the support of our community. We also wanted to genuinely portray the class’ thoughts and feelings when experiencing the highs and lows of design as well as the shift from print to digital that happened due to Covid. The vision was to make this a relatable, uplifting, and playful visual experience for the diverse Class of 2022 (which consists of 53 of us!).

One main part of the system is the maze, which was inspired by our building URBN’s complex floorplan. The 4 motifs are the phases broken down from our personal design process: INSPIRATION, CREATIVE BLOCK, CRITIQUE, and GRIND. The assets are a combination of hand-drawn, texture, and vector elements to show our diversity and versatility as designers.


This project wouldn’t have existed if there weren’t for the help of our professors and the great team effort of all the members. I want to thank Booklet & Event, Digital Showcase, and Marketing team for working with us throughout this long process and making this possible.

Branding & Design committee:

  • Kathy Chung (chair)
  • Riley Barrett
  • Lauren Bulka
  • Eugenie Kwon
  • Madeline Nguyen